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Clean Breathe Airbrush Tanning Nose Filters - Who Uses It?


The Clean Breathe Airbrush Tanning Nose Filter is suggested to be used by:

Spray Technicians:- No more Tanning Solution "Goo" stuck to your nose hairs. High volume Spray Technicians will truly appreciate these; think about what you are breathing in all day long? If the FDA is concerned, shouldn't you be?

Spray Tan Clients: Even though nothing has shown any adverse effects from the inhalation of spray tanning solutions, it is recommended to use some type of filtering device.

Automated Spray Tanning Booths (Magic Tan, Mystic tan etc): The only concern the FDA has with Spray tanning formulas is the unstudied inhalation of such formulas. In using an automated spray booth, you are enclosed in an area with nothing to breathe but 100% fumes. Our filters allow you to breathe in and out through your nose eliminating the inhalation concerns and will not cause ANY areas to be “blocked” from getting the sunless tan applied even. (No rings, stripes etc as other type filters cause)

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